Fund in Interactive Brokers

History of the found in IB

We are the official adviser of Intetactive Brokers with a capitalization of more than 5 million $. We have been cooperating for more than 4 years


All actions are made on the Interactive Brokers website


If you need we will provide all documentation and reporting for the last 4 years


Access to the exchange without intermediaries. Yield from 27.34% per annum. Accounts are insured in Interactive Brokers from 500.000$

How can I connect to the fund?

Connect with a consultant please


You will have daily report, communication with skilled trader (traders' work experience on Wall Street 25 years)

To contact us

We will help you with asset management, provide professional financial advice


  •  115280, Moscow, st. Leninskaya Sloboda, 19, Business Center "Omega Plaza"
  •  +7 (495) 174-78-98
  • OGRN: 314265127900426
  • INN: 262102527065